During a half-day or full day workshop or retreat, Denise brings her training and experience as a Career Coach to help your team achieve:

Better connections in the workplace. By learning to work better with your coworkers, you can create connections that make your work life more enjoyable and more productive. Group coaching can help employees learn to work together as a team to get the job done.

Stronger communication skills. Individual assessments are completed to determine each team member's unique communication style. The team then shares their individual results to help them learn more about themselves and how to better communicate with one another.

More effective conflict resolution. Conflicts in the workplace can make for a tense, unpleasant working environment, but workers can learn to resolve conflict in a manner that will leave all parties feeling that their needs have been heard and addressed.

Advanced team-building skills. This program, which consists of several follow up sessions, is separate from the half-day workshop and is primarily used to help people work together to solve problems. Using fun activities and new ways of thinking, Denise can help workers make connections to work problems in a neutral way so they can reach calm, reasonable resolutions.

Enhanced productivity. Because team members will be able to communicate clearly and effectively, conflicts and delays due to miscommunication are minimized.

After the workshop or retreat, Denise will return for follow-up group coaching sessions. Working with Denise, your organization may decide to create small groups of 2 to 10 people per group to put into practice the skills learned during the workshop.

During the follow up coaching sessions Denise will lead the team in exploring ways to use and adapt their own behaviors and driving forces to increase the success of their communication. This unique program is an effective way to get people within your organization on the same page in order to create a more cohesive, productive culture.

There's no cost or commitment to learn more about how training and coaching can help you. Contact Denise to set up a phone meeting. During this phone consultation, Denise will ask questions about your goals and provide information so you can make an educated decision on whether her services are right for your group.